Book a bike repair service

We offer a full list of services, which you can find below. Please choose the ‘custom’ option below, if you can’t find what you are looking for.

  1. Level 1 Tune Up$139

    Complete once over of “the” entire bike from top to bottom. Includes F+R wheel truing, checking torque on all bolts/fasteners, full brake and drivetrain adjustment and lubing, checking all bearings, minor frame cleaning, polish & check tire pressure.

  2. Level 2 Tune Up$219

    Includes everything listed in level 1 tune up, Including full drivetrain parts cleaning in solvent tank.

  3. Complete Overhaul$439

    Complete disassembly of all parts down to bare frame. All parts cleaned in solvent tank, and complete bike is re-assembled with all new bearings and fresh grease.

  4. Boxed Bike Assembly$149+

    (Additional $45 for e-bikes)

  5. Tire or Inner Tube Installation$23+

    A tire or inner tube Installation service

  6. Tubeless Sealant Install/Refresh$35ea

    (Includes new sealant)

  7. Install Tubeless Kit F+R Tires$85

    (Includes Tubeless Sealant)

  8. Suspension Service$125+

    (Includes seals & oil)

  9. Drivetrain Cleaning$65

    A Drivetrain Cleaning service

  10. Chain Installation$20

    A Chain Installation service

  11. Cassette Installation$25

    A Cassette Installation service

  12. Bar Tape Installatio$35

    A Bar Tape Installation service

  13. Install Pedals$12

    A Install Pedals service

  14. F+R Wheel Truing$30

    A F+R Wheel Truing service

  15. Disk Brake Installation$45ea

    A Disk Brake Installation service

  16. Disk Brake Bleed$40ea

    A Disk Brake Bleed service

  17. Disk Brake Pad Replacement$25ea

    A Disk Brake Pad Replacement service

  18. Brake Pad Install$15ea

    A Brake Pad Install service

  19. Grips Installation$10

    A Grips Installation service

  20. Slime Installation$30ea

    (Include slime sealant)

  21. Tire Liner Installation$15ea

    A Tire Liner Installation service

  22. Kickstand Installation$13

    A Kickstand Installation service

  23. Custom service$TBC

    Need something else? Get a customised service for you bike - please provide full details on the next page